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September 22, 2007



This made me think about the Marcy Tigner album I've heard of where she is playing the trombone, instead of doing her "little Marcy" schtick. If anybody has mp3 files of that, I'd love to hear them.


Interesting factoid about Word records: One of the recording engineers there was a gentleman named Brian Ross-Myring. He is better known as the engineer of the Stooges' FUNHOUSE album and several early singles by Blue Oyster Cult.


god i love wfmu. you guys are the best. *hugs*


This film was on in APril or May on Comcast On Demand channel. It was in the section called "something weird" i think they have a website called something or try youtube and see if it is on there.

Rob Lett

Does anyone have a larger scan of the cover? (Front and/or back)


Teenage Diary can be purchased as part of Something Weird Video's double-feature THE ALLEY TRAMP / OVER 18 & READY, released on DVD by Image Entertainment. T.D. is very entertaining and good for the soul!

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