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September 23, 2007



I'd kick in my ten bucks. And nobody, I'm convinced, has ever finished reading Finnegans Wake. Doesn't make it any less important.


It strikes me as cross between those old Disney story records and John Cage's "Roaratorio: An Irish Circus on Finnegans Wake":

See also: "Finnegan's Web," a linked version of the full text of the book:

Thomas Beard

The New York Public Library actually has prints of Passages from Finnegan's Wake as well as several of her animations.


im in for ten! my most recent attempt to read fw was with a pen to write my own thoughts and comments in the margins, starting from the middle, and not focusing too much on things i didnt get right away. i made it about 100 pages and it was really fun, but i cant say what it said, it never made it past my short term memory. even my own notes look bizzare to me now. yay finnegans wake!

Dancin' Dave

I always get Finnegans Wake mixed up with Finian's Rainbow. I probably saw this LP in the $1.99 bin and passed it up thinking it was the Fred Astaire musical.

Justin Roman

I saw a 16mm print of this at the University of Pennsylvania in about 2001. One of the professors there teaches a course on Finnegans Wake every couple of years and shows it. Don't know if that's been the case since then, but I reckon it's not hard to find out.

Dr Grey

A torrent of the film is available here


great copy of the movie also available via piratebay. and read the damn book if you're gonna blog about it! only takes a couple of days. however, I DID see the film before I read the book, and it was a great motivator, and it has helped me visualize some of the passages in the book.

thanks for the soundtrack though.

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