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September 24, 2007


John Hebert

My guess is that the name of the singer was taken from the author's name of this popular cookbook:

La Bonne Cuisine de Madame E. Saint-Ange: The Original Companion for French Home Cooking


I was digging through my e-mail archives, and I found this reference to article that identified Madame St. Onge. Unfortunately, the link mentioned in the article is dead.

According to this article,,144,0,102003,452471.shtml ,
she was a woman called Francine Laplante who also recorded a couple of better sounding singles under the name of Maryse Marshall. She retired from music in 1975, to raise her son. She died of cancer earlier this year at the age of 56 and she denied that she was Mme. St. Onge (which was a joke on one Pierre St. Onge)but her son confirmed that it was her.

By the way, St. Onge is a very common last name in Francophone Canada. Calling somebody Mme St. Onge in Canada would be similar to calling somebody Mrs. Miller in the United States (which reinforces the idea that the record was a Quebecois spoof of the American Mrs. Miller).


Mme. St. Onge is what you call my mother, thank you very much.

Black spaghetti

My friends and I (we're québécois!) are seriously suspecting Jacques Desrosiers to be the enigmatic Mme St-Onge.... M. Desrosiers was mostly famous for his clown personea called Patof (the clown from Russia), in the 70's.

Here's a movie:

and a picture of the guy, without the make-up:

Jacques Desrosiers died in 1996, keeping his secret with him in his grave.


According to this website:

Mme St-Onge was the mother of Maxime Farago ...the son of Johnny farago. (!?) The author of the site is claiming that Maxime himself had communicated with him to get the recordings of his mother

quotation form the site:

"Mme St-Onge a longtemps été une énigme. Son album est sorti dans l'anonymat, laissant tout le monde croire que c'était vraiment une vieille madame qui avait voulu faire un disque malgré son manque de talent. Finalement, on a appris plus tard que c'était la mère de Maxime Farago qui a simplement voulu faire une blague. Même quand on sait que c'est poche exprès, ça reste amusant."

Black Spaghetti

I put on my blog ( a picture of Jacques Desrosiers in the 60's to let you compare his face with Mme St-Onge's.

Here's the footage that's come from:


I love this album. Wish there was a chance to to buy the Vinyl

Duke & Banner

Do The Freddy is from 4/65
Help is from 8/65

Therefore, the album is from late 65.

And it tastes baad.

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