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September 09, 2007



Funny how that "police vehicle" looks more like a Red Cross van. And are we sure that the cop holding Archie's arm is REALLY a cop? And what's with "You'd better come along..." Holy Jughead, he's one of them preverts! HALP! HALP!

Dale Hazelton

Interesting point.....Kliph, do you think the cop was drawn by the same artist? I am not an Archie afficianado, and am not familiar with how people outside the Riverdale scene were rendered.

I think I'd like to read a book with Carolyn, "hang" with Stephani and have a slice with Edward and his "gang." Drugs and alcohol (well, drugs anyway) were never my "bag," and these "cats" all seem pretty "cool."

Bobby C

I love the Archies and dang..They are back! Check out the new Archies Christmas music at www.myspace.com/archiesusa

They sound better than ever. Wow!

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