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September 30, 2007


Dale Hazelton

Ok, Lada was present during the "Prague Spring" ...but I'll bet there are more songs written about CB radio. Oh, and what's Archie doing puffing away, and that chick with the R. Crumb rack doing with drugs, cigs and gambling paraphenalia?

Mister Pants

I'm going to guess that the picture is from one of Mad Magazine's old 'Starchie' parodies. I think that's one of Bill Elder's creations:

Mark Deming

Dale, that's not Archie avoiding Betty's intentions, that's STARCHIE! It's a parody from a 1954 issue of MAD (when it was still a comic book and a not a more general satire mag). That was also before the comic code came along and spoiled all the fun for everyone.

just john

Hey, I recognize that panel! It's not Archie, but a Mad Magazine take-off!

Next thing ya know, you're gonna start quoting Porgie and Mudhead at us!


wow, this is maybe the deepest archie club news yet. i really like this segment.

Dale Hazelton

Thanks for filling me in guys! The wiki article about Elder is pretty cool......


Hey Kliph,

Check out Anarchy comix #2 from last gasp. More fun and games with Archie for your next installment.


Good grief, what was Lada doing on her own touring Europe? I'd like to know how she got out of Czechoslovakia. Starchie RULES! It was the funniest take off of Archie ever!

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