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September 13, 2007


Ed Corcoran

Speaking of oldies acts who defy lowered expectations, I saw Silver Apples on Sunday in Detroit and it was amazing. Simeon is solo now, and mostly sings and operates noisemakers over pre-sequenced beats, but it makes for an awesome show.


I heard someone recently play Busy Body. I'm kicking myself for not splicing it out of the MP3 archive because I can't find it anywhere. Thundering drums!


aaaahh whats up with using RealPlayer?!?!!!

Brian Turner

They sure scored with that Monks reunion years ago; that show was one of the most amazing concerts I've seen in my life.

Rev. Syung Myung Me

Oh MAN, I wish I were in New York now. Dammit, I'm in Seattle, why not play there, huh? Or, y'know, Tacoma, where they're from! I'd go down there for the Sonics!

Man... I'd always heard that Gerry Rosalie had absolutely NO interest an ANYTHING Sonics. That's good that he's changed his mind!


"There's a unifying reason why all these bands kicked ass and continue to. Cause they're fucking great--that's why. Case closed."
You can't argue with logic like that. Woo!

fred g sanford

Nov 2-4 is record fair weeekend isn't it?

some sort of Sonics appearance or a discount ticket offer to CAVESTOMP for record fair patrons would be nice.


Wasn't there a horrible Sonics comeback album in the 80's? I'm pretty sure I own such a thing, but perhaps it's not the proper lineup....

Dennis Flannigan

Here's an mp3 link of an interview with one of the Sonics shortly before the CaveStomp festival.

martin draax

But how to get in contact with the Sonics? We'de like to invite them to play in Paradiso, Amsterdam, but I can't find any information on the net...


Hello Peter, Just bought your book on Amazon! Looking forward to diving into the Northwest scene seen through your eyes! When you get a moment I would like to discuss our feature film documentary we are developing (details too sensitive to put here). Ping me at your leisure @; [email protected] -- thanks! Btw, if you get a chance to see my friends film; "Her Aim is True" about local Seattle Rock photographer & pioneer Jini Dellaccio... is kicked butt at SIFF last weekend!

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