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September 28, 2007


Who can I e-mail about some awesome new music?


Tell me about it! I married the Sphinx.


She should date around. There a plenty of similar walls going up in a number of interesting places around the world. With Ronald Reagan dead she need not worry about them ever coming down.


Oh man, I wonder if she's made a visit to the southern border of the United States yet? Haven't they put up a very well endowed barrier there? With mounted laser guns and what have you?


What about the Israeli West Bank Wall? I hear that one's got some tittilating vehicle-barrier trenches. Grrrroooowwwwwllll.

michael farris

The last I heard I thought she had fallen in love with some bridge (no, seriously), I don't know if they were planning on marrying or not.

marriage and sex

jjajaja that is funny get married to the Berlin wall i want to see get intimated with the wall jjaja
im just playing

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