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September 27, 2007



i like how in interviews sheilds always said "there were no real studio tricks recording loveless, just distortion and tremelo." yeaaaahhhhhhh, riiiiiiiiight.


how come the stack on the right for the Ramones isn't plugged in? is it just there for symmetry?


Listening to Loveless, most of the "tricks" seem to be subtle mixing techniques and simple effects that practically every guitarist uses. There's some reverse reverb and that sort of thing; a lot of the magic is in his playing, but the real genius of that record is in the mixing and mastering.

I think the thing that Kevin Shields was trying to emphasize in a lot of those interviews was that, in spite of popular opinion, there were usually only a couple of guitar tracks at most on each track, and that the effects were used sparingly.

Dave the Spazz

The Ramones traveled with several empty Marshall cabinets which they used for stage dressing.


Oh, is that common knowledge? Like would Andy Breckman know it? Now I feel like a dolt.


First one to say anything about "eleven" has to do the dishes.

big kitty

do these come from some source that documents various guitar rigs?


yes... in my haste to post I left that out:

fugazi vs ozzy

go to that sit and look up fugazi


For a real treat, look up Mascis on there.

Brian Wandtke

The Ramones

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