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September 12, 2007


Dan Taylor

Fun post but to compare Russell with Swayze is like comparing filet mignon to salisbury steak. Russell is far from a "cheesy American actor" and has more than carried his own in everything from his iconic roles to even such throwaways as CAPTAIN RON (which, personally, I think is hysterical). Lets put it this way... when Russell gets recognized with an honorary Oscar 15 or 20 years from now, Swayze'll be face down in a pile of pages for POINT BREAK 7.


One thing about Russell's stint as a Disney creation: His name was supposedly the last thing Walt Disney wrote down before he croaked in 1966. Sweet or creepy?


POINT BREAK 7??? How did I miss Point Break 2?

Dale Hazelton

I can happily say I opted out of seeing most of the movies. But I have a soft spot for Dirty Dancing - it was on the tube at the bar Sophies in the east village when my then girlfriend, now wife, came to the city to visit me back in the late 80s. It was crappy weather, Sunday at like 1:00 in the afternoon (do I know how to show a lady a good time?). That and the Saturday Night Live Chippendale audition bit he did with Chris Farley, or how Hanz and Franz both had gay fantasies about Swayze gives him the edge in my book. If I was going to have a beer with someone, it would be Russell though. He looks like he says the seven words you can't say on television.



Boy, i really enjoyed that exhaustive comparison and i want to thank you for your effort. Made my day. My opinion?

Kurt takes it because of some of the roles you overlooked(its okay, he's got a big career). His turn in Tombstone tips the scales in the action department for sure, and i don't think Swayze has done anything comparable to the Carpenter films.
"you tell 'em I'm comin'!... and HELLS comin' with me!!"
Most notable of all though is his exceptional performance in Grindhouse where he pretty much saved the entire movie. His beguiling, flawed persona as an aging stunt man with an evil twinkle in his eye saved not only Quentin's craptastic story, but thankfully cleansed the palate of the viewer from Robert Rodriguez's unwatchable zombie failure(seriously, how do you get a zombie movie wrong?). Then in the serious role department, Russell delivered once again in Miracle.

The guys has got it all. Here comes Kurt indeed.

Kip W

Footnote: Russell not only kicked Elvis in the shin, but Elvis paid him a quarter to do it! It doesn't change who won the round, but it's still worth mentioning. Great post. I might have to watch some movies when I get time.

Dan Taylor

POINT BREAK 2 is coming, probably in 2008. Channel News Asia reported in May that original PB scripter Peter Ilhiff is currently writing a sequel, tentatively titled POINT BREAK 2 which he will also direct.

Naturally, Keanu Reeves plans to be too busy shooting another shitty movie with Sandra Bullock (has anybody else seen this LAKE HOUSE thing?) so you can scratch Johnny Utah but plans do call for Patrick Swayze to return to the role of adrenaline junkie and bank robbber Bodhi for the follow-up.


KURT RUSSELL! the fact that he is Snake Plisken puts him MILES ahead anything the Swayze has ever done.

marcus graap

They should make a film together to boost both their careers. Imagine it, Swayze and Russel playing two washed up actors desperate to get that Travoltan come-back hit. Wacky situations ensues (eg Russel slahes Swayzes tires on the way to an audition/ Swayze cock blocks a date for Russel etc). And it doesn't even have to be a cheesy comedy kinda thing. Somebody pitch this to Wes Anderson....

Christopher Gallo

Swayze is a little punk-prettyboy, Russell is the fire-ahead badass that he always was. And while Swayze WAS the bomb in DONNIE DARKO, Russell stomps him in USED CARS, which is indeed better than RED DAWN. C'mon, man.


Russell's career tops are three badass movies with John Carpenter. Swayze's career tops are two chick flicks and the most homoerotic movie of all time (Point Break). I say no contest.

Resident Clinton

Marcus - you have the best idea, ever!

And as for John Carpenter trumping the homoeroticism of Point Break or the special joy of lame "chick flicks" - I say they all fit in the same category of lovable runny cheese.


Great post, but it's inexcusable that you omitted the Swayze/Chris Farley Chippendales sketch. This is like comparing Dante to Shakespeare but leaving Hamlet off the table.


I thought you made a pretty interesting and credible comparison between two of Hollywood's most "unique" actors. One thing you did get wrong, however, was that Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn are not married. They live together as partners/companions, but have never exchanged vows. That's mostly common knowledge, but the rest of the blog was great, so it's not that important of a detail, I guess.


Back in the day I used to confuse them, I always thought that the guy who starred in Dirty Dancing was the same guy who starred in Big trouble in little China. Mind you, I was only 10 back then but they do look kinda the same, don't they?


This video is also an excellent argument in favor of Swayze's all encompassing awesomeness.


How about Russell in "Backdraft?" I thought he was so good in that!


They already made Point Break 2--it was called The Fast and the Furious. And Diesel was way badder than Russell.


You know, there should actually be a third "brother" included: Jeff Bridges.


Interesting comparison, but a little unfair on Swayze if you take into consideration Russell's whole career, which has still been going pretty strong in recent years. In the drama category, you missed Vanilla Sky and in the action category you missed Breakdown. He also was the voice of Elvis in Forrest Gump, although that was uncredited. The John Carpenter movies alone are worth more than Swayze's career in both the action and drama stakes. Much credit to Swayze for Donnie Darko, but it's a minor role.


How come there's no Steel Dawn in there anywhere?


Your round five is way off. Next of Kin, Road House, and Point Break don't compare to Escape from NY, The Thing, and Big Trouble in Little China.


This is like comparing Mark Fidrych and Greg Maddux. Patrick Swayze had a few years where he was indcredibly popular whereas Kurt Russell has been consistent his entire career (which is roughly equivalent to his life.) If all Kurt had ever done was his Dexter Riley movies he'd at worst be even with Swayze.


Hats off to a great and exhaustive comparison. While Kurt has Patrick beat by many a mile, it was still fun looking at the times and genres these two have been through.

Thanks for the effort. KURT is da man.


There should have been one more category: aging well. Last thing I saw Russell in was "Sky High" and he looked pretty good. Last thing I saw Swayze in was "Keeping Mum" and he looked like he'd made some very poor plastic surgery choices.

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