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September 05, 2007


Dale Hazelton

I had only been to CBGBs once, back in the mid 80s. I got stinking drunk and as I was in the bathroom on my knees in front of the bowl refunding, I found a $20 bill! I proceded to buy another $20 worth of drinks! I have no idea who was playing that night....


The Fall did a pretty good cover of Pinball Machine.


Man, I have been looking for the song "Pinball Machine" by Merle Kilgore for almost 40 years! Of course, I didn't know who the song was by because there are a few different versions out there of this song. So tonight, I just happened to think about the song and do a search. My father had an old 8 track tape of "truckin' songs" that he would play in the car and that song was on it and I always loved to hear it. Thanks so much, you've helped fill a small gap in the ol' memory banks!!


Umm, I listened to the Hunchback of Notre Dame Disco, and at 3:37, the Esmerelda girl starts making these wierd sounds like she's being raped. What's up with that? (I mean, the story implies that Frolo was a creep, but I never thought he was THAT creep-ish, if you know what I mean) I've tried to find the main site online from which this song came from, but the farthest I got was here, and when I clicked on it, it just wanted me to save the song to my computer. So, then you must have some answers for me, since I can not go no farther. Please, tell me why it sounds like she's being raped.


Whoever that guy is who has been looking for a song for half a century, get a life.

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