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September 12, 2007



omg, lcd, that brings back some memories!

Ben Hirsch

Simply Saucer!?! Simply awesome. Thank you WFMU, thank you!


dude, where's the love for the jersey peoples? i'm not sure i'm hipster enough to make the long haul to brooklyn. to me it's just a word i read on sweatshirts and baby t's.

put the nj back in wfmu!

oh yea, way to go spazz!

Mike Lupica

An excellent point, Jeff. But due to the grant that's enabling these shows being issued by the state of New York, the concerts we put on that are part of the Free Music Series must be held there. I can assure you, the PATH train is a thing of wonder!


jersey gotta pay to play!


My best voting experience ever was pressing the "Elliot Spitzer for Governor" lever. Suck it up Jersey (wink). Are we gonna get some of Breau's new stuff or just SS?


mike, i feel what you're sayin' & understand the where's because of the why's re: the grant (congrats! btw).

i mean, i'm not mr. new jersey joe piscopo or anything but it's like nj is outta the fmu loop. has thou forsaken the garden state?

hey, thanks for the tip on the PATH train... --wink, wink--

Brian Turner

Have heard the Hamilton ONT hometown reunion gigs featured Cyborgs stuff played as well as newbies.


Technically, the new songs that SS are playing are songs they never had money to record during the mid-70s and not actually brand new songs. A few of them are absolutely outstanding and would have been great on the original Cyborgs

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