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October 01, 2007


Dale Hazelton

"The Snowmobile Driver..." sounds a lot like a Kingston Trio song, no? Maybe from a Mighty Wind....


The Zappa-esque music on the b-side is actually Soft Machine from their album Third - the backwards sounding bits are from the same track - I think it's Out-Bloody-Rageous or it could be Moon in June - anyway definitely that album

Jeff Gee

The Beatle covers are from Marty Gold's 1969 Atco LP "Moog Plays the Beatles." The Rato Records blog has a post about it at There'a a nice cover scan but the downloads link is long expired, alas.

David Noades

Soft Machine and Marty Gold. Thanks for letting me know guys. I'll have to look out for these albums. I guess this dates the record at circa 1970. I wonder why he used those particular tracks. If you're out there Harold I'd love to know.

Terry Haigh

How do I get the snowmobile driver song as a downloadable file??


Thanks to share this all information here...

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