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October 04, 2007



I can't believe you passed up the opportunity to use the word tromboner.


And does she use the spit or swallow valve? Bad one, I know...


Alright, Otis! Thanks for this! The one Marcy Tigner album I've actually been wanting to hear!


This is absolutely beautiful. The mournful sound in "Close To Thee" made me realize just how much Tom Waits uses gospel music as a soundtrack for his cast of drunks, low lifes and down-and-outers. Despite that cover, this is no joke LP.

Listener Kliph

Wow, how about that? If I owned a copy it'd go right next to my Merril Womach LP that was released BEFORE he had his face burned off.


This is completely gorgeous! Came for a creepy lil marcy fix - but was transfixed.

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