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October 07, 2007


Kurt Gottschalk

thanks for this. it's gonna make a friend very happy - both this and the odd couple record. but when i grabbed it (using downthemall, and excellent tool), i got a 90 second track called :20071002-vzr8us" that identifies itself as a podcast and sounds like some chipmunk residents singing 'he isn't dead yet.'

what the hell?


Oh My God! I used to listen to this album all the time as a child. I have one copy on tape and an old Mono pressing that I found at one of the record fairs. This album truly captures the essence of Tony Randall. You decide if that is a good thing.

I love every song on this album, but my top picks are Stumbling and Winchester Cathedral. I never realized that each song was so short.

Dale Hazelton

Ouch! I hate to be the squeaky wheel here, but this Rudee Valley-style production is a fiasco. I have the Odd Couple Sing on vinyl and was excited to see this, but even as a novelty it's boring and forced. The band sounds like it came from one of those ragtimey records put out by Firestone or Goodyear. Sad...


I Remember hearing "Stumbling" as background music to skits on The Ghoul TV show (he aired from Cleveland and later from Detroit) in the 1970's. I didn't realize how twisted a complete album of Mr. Randall would be. Stay Sick.


I am a big fan of celebrity records, especially Tony Randall's. He has another Vaudeville style LP called "Warm and Wavery" on which he sings "When Banana Skins Are Falling," a tune which later appeared on the Odd Couple LP.

Also worthy of mention: he appears on the Broadway cast recording of O Captain, and released two children's records full of 70s era stuff about "feeling ok if you're different."


Years ago, on an appearance on the Johnny Carson Tonight Show, Tony was talked into singing "Boo Hoo", which had been a signature song of Carmen Lombardo, brother of Guy Lomardo of the "Royal Canadians" and New Years Eve at Times Square fame. While Tony was singing, Carmen came out from behind the curtains and, standing to the rear and side, began to sing along with Tony. Tony was caught completely unawares and from the look on his face you would have though he was going to "lose it". He recovered quickly and the two finished the song to the audience's enthusiastic approval. What a set-up!

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