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October 09, 2007


Dale Hazelton

"...Jewellery" is a great song, makes one wanna pogo...and "Metropolitan Life" is a nice tune, too. I've mentioned Gabor, and one of my other favorite Canadian new wave bands Teenage Head, in the blog before. Nice to see a couple of his songs posted.


The Red Detachment of Women was one of the 8 model plays, the only plays allowed to be performed after the cultural revolution in China. We are all more familiar with the title "Taking Tiger Mountain By Strategy" although Eno's music has nothing to do with the play. Yet you can see why he was attracted to these; the iconography is so bizarre and hallucinatory. For some demented reason I am reminded of those old viewmaster discs... Look around the web for those postcards from TTMBS and you'll see exactly what I mean, you lackey american running dogs!!!!


Great stuff. I hope that "defunked" (in reference to the Canadian label) was a witty pun (as in the removal of funk) for the defunct label.

"Red Deck of Cards" is phenomenal.

Brian C.

Yea for the new wave stuff from toronna! I miss my (cassette) copy of BB Gabor! Teenage Head! I always liked to think of them as Canada's ramones!

Cherie Birkin

Good on you for putting up BB! So glad to see someone else out there who appreciates that album, but i just can't believe that you didn't post 'Lazer Love'!!!! The catchiest song EVER!!!!

pea hicks

"the red detachment of women" was also featured, in a sort of reimagined, play-within-a-play form, in john adams' 1985 opera "nixon in china," which, if you've never heard it, is one of the few operatic masterpieces of the last 50 years or so.

Katya Oddio has great pics from "Taking Tiger Mountain By Strategy." Also, the story is spelled out here. Thanks for sharing the great old opera, John! Fingers crossed that the Cantonese Opera House radio station will return to Shoutcast one of these days.


A collection of oversaturated Chinese postcards detailing the Glorious story of "Red Detachment" can be found at

Now that I have the soundtrack, life is complete.

china manufacturing

right over and kick my ass. So i bought it, the RED DETACHMENT OF WOMEN a ballet performed by the Peking Opera Troupe recorded by the China record company, chinese opera is very strange to western ears, but quite enjoyable.

Wedding ring men

Soviet jewellery was actually a top 10 hit in Toronto, a nice cold war propaganda new wave song! the b-side is my favorite.. MOSCOW DRUG CLUB, a "traditional russian sounding song" with cold war "comical" lyrics.

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