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October 10, 2007


A great request for a great site : 1.ALAN SONDHEIM-T'OTHER LITTLE TUNE (ESP/ZYX-1968). 2. ALAN WATTS-THIS IS IT (1962).
Thanks for everything, ALEX.


Great stuff! Sadly, it reminds me of the reels I have my basement.

By the way--that's "A Taste of Honey", not "The Lonely Bull". The Herb Alpert stuff can sort of blur, it's true...

Sammy Reed

I'm trying to take some steps to get that song title corrected. Sorry about that.

The "The Lonely Bull" (A Taste of Honey) link is now 404.

Sammy Reed

Everything's fixed now. Thanks, Otis!


curious as to the specific reels...are as they are pictured? or different? pro recordings? they sound it, maybe 15ips 2 track 10.5 inch reels? though the noisy ones definitely sound like dubs

Sammy Reed

The reels were a couple of store-bought 7-in. reels, recorded at 7 1/2 IPS. The second one had the brand name of Shamrock (which indicates: not even Irish), but the first reel's box is more interesting to me. The brand name is Jack Fives, and the box has a drawing of playing cards that are a jack and 4 5's. I think I'm gonna scan these boxes and see if they can't be put here instead of that 10-in. reel picture, which I didn't put here at all.

Sammy Reed

Thanks to Otis for putting my Jack Fives reel box here!


shamrock was a very common brand for consumer use in the late 60's into the 70's so not overly surprising, but the jack fives is new to me. For 7.5 ips speed, likely on a 1/4 track consumer deck, the quality is impressive. The hissier reel still is reasonable quality given that context. Being from a radio background, I have more then a few hundred tapes and have rescued about a 1/2 dozen pro machines from the dumpster, they're obsolete in today's radio control room, usually a console and a mic and a computer but still good to have when you have a lot of tapes to play. most of my tapes are 2 track.

Rusty Wilkerson

Red Rubber Ball was first recorded by the band named Red Rubber Band out of Nashville, Tennessee in the late 60's

Sammy Reed

As the man who made this submission to the project, I hope I can mention this and not be considered "spam" - too much, anyway.

I am planning on bringing back my online show, "Music from the World of the Strange and the Bizarre". Last year, I discontinued the show because I decided I would "grow up", and I got rid of other things too - which turned out to be a more immature decision than things would've been if I just left things alone.

I sold all the 45's in my collection, although I still had a couple of 45's I bought at a flea market that I didn't do anything with. I sold a sizeable chunk of my albums. But looking through my albums now, I found I still have a lot of them. I still have a lot of "soundalike" albums, and quite a few kiddie albums (not the "Star Trek" stories, though). I still have the "Cross and the Switchblade" soundtrack album, and others that I played songs from on the show. I also still have a great deal of my production library albums.

I'm building up another 45 collection, and I'm getting some more albums - including (here's a sneak peek) the Nashville Country Singers gospel album (Yes, the "thunderbolts of long duration" group did a gospel album). I've got a few Bobbi Blake 45's, and for the first time, a couple of Norm Burns 45's!

This time, I hope to do more digging into my collection instead of playing the same 10-or-so songs over again, as I wound up doing after awhile on the first show.

I plan on bringing it back on June 29th. Go to for any other details that may crop up.

Until then, "Go out & make it a great life!"

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