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October 15, 2007


Scott Anger

same person?

David Noades

Thanks for the suggestion Scott but I've checked and it's not the same Sheena Scott. If you're out there Sheena, we'd love to hear from you.

Nick May

I first met Sheena Scott in Ostend in 1978 when I was taken to her show by Flemish entertainer Pete Monty. She was great. I have to admit that some of your juicy details have faded from memory!

I was working as a pianist on the Russian cruise ship Alexandr Pushkin, and she did the winter season in 1979. I was the musical director and accompanist for her shows, and she was highly professional, as well as going down a storm with the passengers (mainly German and some Dutch).

I know she continued working on the same ship longer than I did, but since then I've lost touch. It was great to listen to her tracks again!

David Noades

Hi Nick. Great to hear that you worked with Sheena Scott in the late 1970s. She clearly moved on from the Flemish Inn to cruise ships, or pehaps she did both depending on the season. Did she continue to release records which she sold at her gigs? Is the ship Alexandr Pushkin still in operation today?

Nick May

Hi David. I do remember her selling copies of her album (possibly yours?) on board. I also remember her singing Casatchok, which is a Russian folksong.

I think she did her Ostend gig during the summer, cruising in the winter. As for the Alexandr Pushkin, it was eventually sold, and now sails under the name Marco Polo.

anne earlie

my friend and i worked in the george v hotel in ostend and also helped in the flemish inn in the summer of 1972 we got to know sheena fairly well and found her show
very entertaining she was quite an under rated singer the leader of the band in 1972 was eddy dorsan or dorsey. my friend and i re visited ostend and the flemish inn in 1991 sheena was still there and remembered us both dont know where she is now would love to find out i still have shamrock lp and goodbye thats life single anne and angela from glasgow

David Noades

Hi Anne and Angela, thanks for letting us know about your time in Belgium meeting Sheena. She was from Scotland aswell, did she still have a Scots accent?

sheena is alive and well and still living in ostend

David Noades

If the last poster knows how to get in touch with Sheena in Ostend by e-mail, please let me know. I am contactable at [email protected] Thank you

Eddie Styles

Any chance you will post the additional Sheena Scott tracks? The ones here are great - I'd love to hear her other songs/versions...

anne earlie

hi david just came back to your site tonight to answer your question yes sheena did still have a scottish accent albeit more refined than ours sheena being from lanark, us from glasgow.we also met her mother and other members of her family obviously their accents were broader. was surprised to hear sheena was still in ostrnd, but there again roland her husband was belgian. would also like to contact sheena again if anyone has an e mail address for her i would appreciate it thanks


sheena was still at the flemish inn at the george v hotel as we went back to ostend in 1991 and met up with her lost track after that . the hotel has been sold and although it,s still there sheena and roland don,t own it. heard sheena was working on the cruise ships don,t know if that,s the case now

ian worthington

Great site David. I was talking to a new colleague of mine who is from Glasgow and we were talking about the old stars. I used to have the occasional drink with Ruby Murray when I was working in Torquay Devon. I mentioned Sheena but he at 52 its a bit out of his era. But I was there at the Flemish Inn in 1972 on a school holiday trip to Belgium (Cultural education !!!) I was 14. During the show she eyeballed me at out table and she kept giving me the eye. I was a red haired fresh faced young thing then. Then came the crunch she asked one of the waiters to escort me up on stage and we ended up singing a very funny version of "You made me love you" together as a duet both of us alternating the lyrics. During the song she mauled me about forcing my face between her breasts as she sang her line allowing me out to draw breath and sing the next line. Big breaths to say the least!!! ending the song in a very loud and raucous fashion. It was hilarious. I remember the guys in the band were in stitches. I left the stage with my shirt undone and collar round my shoulders to laud rapturous applause with a bright red face and my teachers were giving me a standing ovation as I returned exhausted to the table and we got those big pots of beer on the house. A great unforgettable night out. Good to hear she is still performing.

ketels daniel

hallo. ben ketels daniel heb nog een mooie foto van sheena scott geflankeerd tussen mijn overleden vriend en mij met een grote pot bier in ons handen (man ,was dat een mooi kind)in de hooizolder Oostende vlaanderenstraat in 1971 denk ik


Hi, I worked the George V bar when Sheena and Roland owned it - waiting for the onslaught of customers to descend to the bar when the Flemish Inn finished for the night. I helped renovate the hotel in the winter of 92/3, pulling out the old kitchen, painting and decorating and taking off the tiles out the old bathrooms in preparation for their re-tiling - great fun. Unfortunately, I wasn't aware that the hotel was to be sold to a Belgian couple, Philip and his wife and Sheena and Roland were sorely missed. The place was never the same. Sheena was a great friend and I kept in touch with her when I returned to England. Unfortunately I've now lost contact and it would be great to know that she was still going strong, also sorry to say that Roland died.

I did a painting of Sheena for her last show which I presented to her on stage in the Flemish Inn. She was (still is hopefully) a lovely lady, and good friend and brilliant entertainer.


Hey great post !!! it was a pleasure reading your post !!! i will keep visiting it now .

Henk Jansen

I was a young lad of 16 when I was with my uncle and aunt made ​​a cruise from Rotterdam to the Canary Islands on the MS Black Prince, the Norwegian Olsen Lines. There was Sheena leading lady, and she was fantastic as a singer and as a person.
I hope she still sings.

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