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October 16, 2007



Holy SHITE!!!

Dr. Dean was a San Diego CLASSIC...

He was the hypnotist that had a standing residency @ a loungy dive called The Chuck Wagon which is now a car wash
and he also traveled to all the high schools and other Cali towns to do his amazing show...

I was once doing a High School newspaper feature back in tha' day and was unwittingly hypnotized into believing I was Pat Benatar...HAAAA!!!

I had no idea he did his easy listening thing...

Your Blog & Site are pure TREASURE!!!




Oh God, no, someone's got to stop me. I'm up to my knees in these things. Industrial musicals. School bands. Marginal middle-of-the-road Christian optimists. Oh God, it's got to end. I've got to retain a shred of dignity. Oh, what the hell, just *one more* download and then I'll stop . . .


I'm so glad that you posted "Once You Understand". I've heard so much about it. It captures the early 70s nicely. The father sounds like Don Adams. "It won't happen again" should have "Once you Understand"'s reputation as one of the worst records of all time. It's much much worse than any of the records I had that came with Barbie dolls and were meant to be placed on a record player and played while the Barbie dolls rotated about the spindle.


Dr. Michael Dean Ph.D was billed as the "Hip Hypnotist".

Jeff Jobson

The "Jakob" piece seems to have the fellow singing over a recording of Ray Cathode's (actually George Martin)"Time Beat". How did that end up on a keyboard demo tape???

David Noades

It's great to see The Leonard Family on the blog. I wrote a tongue-in-cheek citique about this in Record Collector magazine last year because I discovered it before the Think version and always prefered it. Because it was released on the Beacon label in the UK I assumed it was a British copy of the Think hit but this confirms that they were both US recordings.

I always thought that it was strange that the group name is The Leonard Family but at the end the cop calls dad 'Mr Cook', so they should be The Cook Family.


Was the Chuck Wagon next to a bowling alley by the SD Sports Arena? I remember seeing Dr. Dean hanging around the bar at Frontier Lanes hitting on the jailbait, and of course he did his hypnotist act at my high school every year. Weird dude, and I mean scary weird!



Where is that E. Davis excerpt from?


sounds like gerge martin's "time beat" in the background of "jakob".

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