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October 17, 2007


A Meat Beetle

Well, I'll tell ya whut! That there was some mighty fine preachin'! This ol' boy ain't heard nothin' like that since he left Georgia in 1971.

i, squub

That is fantastic. Thanks for sharing that 'un. I loved it. I feel much more holier now than I did afore, too.


God and Coke, eh? An older kid in one of the podunk towns where I grew up held influence on some of the other kids. They spent all of their time hanging out at a pizza dive in town. That older kid (with the help of drugs) heard god in the Coke machine, evidentally, and he tossed all his music. The kids followed this guy like sheep, and today, some are still tatooed Jesus freaks in that same podunk town with teenaged kids of their own. Have a Coke and a smile!

Will S.

Stupid evangelical; shouldn't be buying a Coke on the Lord's Day; that's Sabbath-breaking, if you ask any Reformed / Presbyterian / Calvinist Christian!

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