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October 20, 2007


evil pain clown

what i love about this post is that it truley is a great record find, also it is in a language, which noone understands, except for some language professors i guess. i've never heard esperanto spoken, or sung for that matter, this record is what the 365 day project is about...kudos on this find!


great lp! i figure this blog is as good a place as any to ask: how many out there actually have 'ni kantu in esperanto,' the first ESP-disk release?
i've seen one copy in 20 years (not mine, sadly). i've always been curious how many survived.
the cd of it that stollman burned for me is in another city right now ... but if i can find his email, i'll ask if he could post a few of those tracks to the 365 project.


fug it - couldn't find his email. here's a link to the cd for purchase, and you can listen to some mp3s there...

Michael Farris

Alberta is far from the only singer to record in esperanto, it's actually an ongoing practice.

In many ways esperanto speakers (estimates vary on how many speakers from 50,000 to 2,000,000) are like a self-selected ethnic group and take on a lot of the practices of immigrant groups (cottage industry music by people with other day jobs, lots of amateur poets, even theater groups ...).

Where I live there's a yearly three day gathering with a number of cultural events (lectures on various subjects, dramatic presentations etc). There's also a 'book service' (different book sellers bring their wares but it's all sold in one spot). They usually have a dozen or more different casettes or cds.

A very quick search found the following site (out of brazil, which has one of the larger national 'movements') with over 200 mp3's by various artists.

Mar Kardenas

Ms. Casey recently donated several copies of this CD to the San Diego Esperanto Club to allow its members to have funds to promote Esperanto in the San Diego area.

If you are interested in purchasing a copy, a suggested donation of $12 will be most welcome.

Please contact me at [email protected]
Koran dankon!
Mar =)


About 45 years ago I bought in Argentina a 45 rpm record with 4 tangos sung in Esperanto.
I invite all the readers to find out what Esperanto is and learn it. It will take much less time than learning any other language. See how people use Esperanto:
Learn Esperanto:

You can write to me. Please find my address in my pages at
Best wishes,

Filipo Dorcas

There was a beautiful moment last July at an Esperanto conference in Mexico, when a dancer dedicated her dance to Alberta Casey, who was in the audience. The music was Alberta Casey singing "San Diego" and it was very touching to see all of that happen.

On another note, anybody who has an interest in languages, international relations, or studies of other cultures, should take a look at Esperanto.

Saluton el Teksaso (Greetings from Texas).

inga Johansson

I would like to see
Veselin DAMJANOV on this page. He made several records.

Veselin DAMJANOV estis Bulgara operokantisto kaj esperantisto. Oni produktis multajn diskojn en Bulgario kun liaj kantoj en Esperanto (kaj aliaj lingvoj) kaj, okaze de turneo en okcidenta Kanado kiun organizis por li Wally du Temple en 1985, kanadaj esperantistoj faris sonbendan kasedon Veselin Damjanov koncertas en Kanado.

A woman voice like Joëlle Rabu (Passport) would please the ears.
Inga Johanson, Gothenburg Sweden

Ademar Vieira Diniz

La voĉo de Alberta Casey estas vere bela, kaj ŝi elektis belajn muzikojn por kanti en nia kara lingvo Esperanto. Mi tre ŝatas tiujn muzikojn kaj vere dankas al Alberta Casey.


@evil pain clown
Mi komprenas, mi atas, kaj mi ne estas neniu!

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