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October 22, 2007


I Don't Care If Tomorrow Never Comes is 404. Wa! Mp3 no bakka!


No wa no more. Fixed the mp3 (had the link wrong in the html). Enjoy!



This is a great post, and fits in fine with all the other 365 Days posts

We appreciate the hard work you do to bring this music to us



This stuff is great! Thanks for posting it! "Sakura Goes Boom Boom" is an "album" with only 6 tracks that clocks in at less than 20 minutes?

David Noades

I'm glad you're enjoying Sakura. As it says in the text these are the best 6 tracks from the album, there are 6 others but I chose the covers of well known hits and the quirky yodelling numbers.


Many Thanks for this, I had been looking for Sakura Tengs version of Puppet On A String for a long time.
I hope you don't mind I posted a little advertisement to this post on my Eurocovers blog.

David Noades

You're more than welcome to link this site, I'm glad you like Sakura's Eurovision cover. Also check out Joe Cutajar (May 18), he was Malta's entry in the 1972 Eurovision Song contest in Scotland (one half of Helen and Joseph).


cooool! thanks
(from russia)

Gary Sim

Any one knows Sakura's version of Papa's Got A Brand New Bag? Share it! Thanks!

Julio Alves

This is fantastic! Thank you very much
Julio (from Brazil)


Thank you very much for presenting Sakura's singing.

Lately I have been searching for "Chinese" singing of the 60's and 70's and I remember there was this girl with an interesting vocal call Sakura.

Please present more songs of that era if you have them.

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