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October 30, 2007


Listener Kliph

Ah, Wow! I had no idea any of that stuff was released until the age of CD. Coral Records, that's some sturdy, sturdy vinyl!


Bob McFadden might also be remembered as the voice talent behind the old Milton The Monster and Fearless Fly cartoons on ABC Saturday mornings around 1965/66. I used to rush home from school in the early 70s to see the re-runs on Wee Willie Weber's afternoon program on Philadelphia's WPHL-17. All of those great cartoons are now available on a 4-disc DVD set, too.
Should be available in most good stores and on-line outlets.


another great one evil pain clown! i love the "s" in this guys voice!


I've had a mono version on coral (original issue) for years, found without a cover in a radio station I worked fun to find this, I get to see what the cover looked like!!! and stereo...

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