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October 15, 2007


Steve PMX

will I be the only one who picks up on the awesome Augustus Pablo reference???

special tommy

can someone please comment on simply saucer or were they a drag?

Jebediah Springfield

Simply Saucer was not a drag but they also weren't anywhere near as good as anybody else that night.


I disagree. I thought Saucer were the best band that evening. That said, if you were expecting the sound heard on their CD, you would probably have been a bit disappointed. The only original member left is Edgar. Such is the nature of retreaded bands. I think the problem lies elsewhere...

I've been avoiding commenting on this, but I was pretty shocked that such a nice club, with such a nice sound system, made the bands sound so bad. Could you hear the horn player for the first act ( BTW the flutaphone solo was very amusing )? Could you hear Edgars guitar solos, or the theremin playing? Could you hear ANYTHING but bass and drums? I realize this is all the rage now, but that range of frequencies from about 100Hz up to 30KHz is sorta important to us musician types.... Maybe one of your fine DJ's can clue in the sound engineer at Southpaw that if we can't hear the musicians, and I see many in the audience wearing earplugs, that perhaps we have a problem with how this material is being mixed.


Hi K - I'm kinda stumped by your comment on the sound at Southpaw. I thought every band sounded phenomenal. I read your thoughts think "where was he sitting?" Yes, I heard the sax; yep, Edgar's solos, and the theremin. I moved around quite a bit too. I've shown your post to others in attendance and all agree: the sound that night was amazing, soundguy Ken Heitmueller did a bangup job.

Did anyone else find the sound to be not so hot? I'd be curious to know what you were hearing.


Thanks guys for the great event! It was super swell. Regarding the sound: although it certainly wasn't horrible, it was - in general - too loud. Maybe that led to a varied sound quality in the room.

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