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October 15, 2007



Diz eaz duh gratest sITe noen 2 men, no?!?!?!?..............?!?!?!?!?!?!?..... ?



This is kind of a rip on the postmodernism generator

or just go to

and keep clicking "reload""

Station Manager Ken

Someone should do a mashup of the livejournal image scraper with the stupidfilter. It would be the perfect artificially unintelligent website.


This is my favorite stupid comment so far. Its lovely out of context...

you see the production site not the finished site that is planted with trees and reseeded. but go ahead you mindless lemur follow the drums off the cliff and have no mind for yourself. i have seen the reclaimed land everyday i see the dear and rabbits that forage thru it. u see what this video shows you just a part of it. just the process of removing the coal. not the process of reclamation.


Okay, this Livejournal image generator is amazing.

This photo includes an explanation of why the poster does not draw anime:

And this is an animated gif of the Soviet version of Winnie the Pooh:

Steve PMX

"i would like to say well done.. but really give that machine to a baby and they will produce something similar"

This SCR might be my new favorite past time at the office.


Hey wait a minute these aren't computer generated. I call bullshit, it's just a scraper.
It is appropriate that a dummbed down Postmodernism Generator uses dumbed down programming.
Yay for postmodernism, victory!!


Hey Bartleby! go ahead you mindless lemur follow the drums off the cliff.

Its my new put down from the post above. Sorry I had to use it on you but I couldn't resist.

still trying to visualize a lemur following a drum anywhere. Derrida would be proud.


If you are that jealous, believe me, you are mistaken.

Dave K.

Cheese Louise, this is like looking at the family photo album and your sisters scrapbook at the same time. A finger and a camera does not equal [I was going to say endless life, but today, for better or worse it does] a great photo, or even one that needs to be seen.
Some one hit wonders....but, what a load o' crap!!!!


I don't know if Brandon is actually insulting me or being jovial, not only that but I think the author of the statement he quotes actually means lemmming, not lemur (certainly not lemure). Even so lemmings don't follow drums, so mixed metaphors, factual inaccuracy and lack of clarity, postmodernism is going from victory to victory, yay!! Boolean logic, feh.


Here's another livejournal photo scraper:


I think Tinypic new images are a lot better. They aren't made to last.

Then click on images "latest".


If the random comments generator is so random, how come most of the comments are from "gabe" and "djsparkydog"?

Liz B.

vmh, "gabe" and "djsparkydog" appear to be moderators of the Stupid Comment Generator and not actually You Tube commenters themselves. These folks pull out dumb comments from You Tube and rate them according to their relative moronic value.


sorry Bartelby, I was indeed being fatuous. I just wanted to use said phrase...


It's cool. I must confess a weakness for lists of search strings that people use.


This post RULES! SCR just made my day!

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