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October 26, 2007


Bren C.


Yyyeahhhh... that's all kinds of evil right there. I've got the cold chills running all up and down my backbone right now.


I'm having a Lawrence Welk flashback: In a tribute to Woody Guthrie, there was a chorus line of the entire troupe singing "This Land Is Your Land," with men on the right and women on the left. Halfway through the song the lines parted, revealing Arthur Duncan who then tap danced and the lines closed up again. It was a brain-seizing commentary on the 60's. Did I hallucinate it?


The most horrifying Lawrence Welk clip I ever saw had Bobby and Sissy dressed as babies, seated in a giant playpen/crib, and acting like fussy babies. Yikes!

Ahoy, Jaylefus!

Aurora Boris Pickett

This jinda stuff always made me shit my pants as a child.


I prefer Herman Munster's version of this song.

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