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October 07, 2007


waylon solos

ironically, americans love nazis too.


Very nice and comprehensive overview of this band. I grew up with their early music in the late 80's, but never liked them too much (I was of course ironically more interested in American hardcore at that time...), but they clearly deserve their dues.

FYI (might be interesting with regard to German pop-culture references): "Das bisschen Totschlag" is actually a wordplay (adaptation, if you will) of Johanna Von Koczian's "Das Bisschen Haushalt (Sagt Mein Mann)" ("that little bit of houskeeping - says my husband") a popular song from the late 70's that ironically describes how the patriarch belittles the homemaker's leisurely life (while he has to work hard at the office). In most verses the Goldenen Zitronen use other references to catchphrases that express the "aw, shucks" attitude, which would be obvious to German listeners of that time.


Very nice and comprehensive overview


nice thanks for sharing.


while he has to work hard at the office

Dave MLM Systems

My girlfriend who is German, agrees that it is a good overview and I have broadened my views. Thanks for sharing.


music is self expression and loved by those for whom can relate

Francisco Grimaldo

I know this band two years ago!!. this band was never commercial, i like it!

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