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October 01, 2007



This is terrible, sad news. I hadn't seen him in ages, but I knew Dean when we were both living in the same dorm at NYU in the late 70s and early 80s (cf. the link to the 1979-2004 diaries included in the post above). His life and career has been well-documented above and in the sites and articles that are linked to Mark's post, but please allow me to share this little anecdote that I always think of when I think of Dean...

At some point when we were at NYU, the Pope visited the city. His motorcade travelled down 8th Street, a sliver of which was visible from Dean's east-facing dorm room on the 8th or 9th floor. Some hours later, Dean described the event to some of our friends and me:
"I woke up and went over to the window and saw the Pope in my underwear. [...pause...] What he was doing in my underwear I'll never know."

RIP Dean.

mary jane

I worked on this segment of Mondo NY as well as a few others. Dean and the Weenies. Fuck You. Saw him around a lot. He was a lovely human being and yep , funny. Sad to hear the news.

Dale Corvino

Mark, Thank you for the lucid, personal and loving remembrance of our friend. A note about the photo: it was taken in my photo studio loft in DUMBO, for a HomoCorps promo, against a plain background. The photo was cute but a bit boring so Dean asked me to photoshop in some graffiti. Thereafter "this planet sucks' was a punchline for us whenever we were witness to small-mindedness or lameness- we'd just telepathically say that to each other and crack up.


The final nail in the East Village coffin. While working for Steve Rubell and Ian Schraeger in the go- go 80's, I had the pleasure/horror of meeting Dean. If my memory serves me correct, it was in John Sex's apartment on St. Marks place. Having just moved to to NYC, and 22 years old, I thought I had hit the Motherlode of decadance and debauchery. Back then the real Superstars were Dean, John Sex, Dianne Brill, Lisa E., Terry Toy ,Penny Arcade.........etc,etc. If you were a movie, TV star and at a nightclub, you didnt matter. It was all about the Club Superstars. Sadly those days are long gone, and so now is Dean. I stiil live in the Lower East side, have a very respectable job and a great condo, but would give it all up just to have 1 more night with Dean at The World, Tuesday night, Rock and Roll Fag Bar. R I P Dean


I saw Dean & The Weenies in Mondo NY, and then saw Dean live @ The Mercury Lounge during the 2nd half of a Super Bowl blowout... my buddy and I walked up and said we really enjoyed the show and MNY- he was very gracious, belying his glam image.

Bon voyage to a NYC original.


This needs an update - Dean's death seems to be being treated by the police as "just another dead gay hooker," when there is the distinct possibility that he may have been murdered. As of Feb 13th 2008, no charges are being made against Steven Saleh, despite the fact that two men died in his apartment with the same drug in their blood just 4 days apart from each other.

It isn't right.

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