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October 10, 2007


taco truck

meh. stilted lampoon + fireside meets l. ron hubbard.


Pure genius. This should be released as some big fancy cd boxset with commemorative poster, coffee mug and slide whistle. This show is amazing and I owe my life to Vern and Craig.


I just heard "Jesus Christ: Air Conditioning Repairman" on a local college station, and it just so happens to be Greek Orthodox Easter today. An ironic turn of events that turned for the better. This is some of the funniest stuff I've heard in a really, really long time.

Derrick Bostrom

The folks at Radio Free Phoenix have finally released these recordings on CD as well:


gary laatsch

It will be a birthday present to me from my wife in a couple weeks. I know she bought it at my request. Other than the snippets I here on RFP, It's been 33 years since I heard any of this stuff. Now if I could only grow hair again!!!!!

Labor Posters

This show is awesome. And i love the way they put their photos together...

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