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October 05, 2007



Did a little faux commercial for the "Kenny G Spot." Like to hear it? Hear it go:

The Kenny G Spot

The Glorious Lucifer

I don't think Desechables' lyrics have much to do with 'Strychnine'. Tere's singing she'll beat the poor guy up until he bleeds. They were not the subtlest band in the world, but they were raw, genuine and had a pretty singer.


I don't think that's Spanish. I think she's singing in Catalan.


"give a wood" is the literal translation for "dar un palo", what means robbery.
think desechables have no song sung in catalan, just spanish, at least in official releases

Kenzo ( /

It was Liz Berg who introduced us to that Conceptuol track (and more!) on this blog last February.

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