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October 04, 2007



whoo hoo! Thanks for another fabulous xeason, Vicki! These mupPet Sounds oughta hold us over until November...


Yet another great season with some of my favorite moments capsuled here. If it was not for PLU I would never have found WFMU.

Don't take that personally Mr. WFMU, I live on the North Fork of Long Island where your signal has not reached since possibly the early nineties when I heard Negativland for the first time and content of that ilk through a weak in and out signal while thinking "I love this............what is it?"

Maybe you were reaching out to me. I don't know for sure it was you sir. Do you remember?

Vicki (DO or DIY)

Thanks all. It was awful fun.


Conrad Slater

in your time off air I hope you do another 3 hour epic like you did at the start of the season - that was amazing

but big big thanks - one of my favourite podcast

Vicki (DO or DIY)

Yes I will do some more 3 hour podcasts, and also will be doing a weekly collaborative podcast with Ergo Phizmiz from 3rd December. Check the WFMU blog nearer the time for that.



Wow! Think this is the first time I ever heard you play breakcore(or where its being called by the kool kats at the moment) anyways brilliant as ever.

Vicki (DO or DIY)

Thankee. I've never really called it breakcore but then I never originally called sampling mashups - I've frequently played very noisy things with very distorted messy beats - check my archives, you can search all the people I've played at the bottom of the page. Whether those people are breakcore I don't know, but then again all these definitions tend to change over time on what they are anyway, and that's sort of why I like to play these things, because they are transcending across many genres over time.

So in a word, yes.



What the ... is this??? I love it!

Purves Grundy

People Like Us rules.

RIP John Peel. Wasn't for him, I'd have never discovered Vicki's work.

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