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October 18, 2007



I prefer to assume that everyone is at least partially aware of their of own ridiculousness. Otherwise you risk looking stupid yourself when the whole point was to feel superior! That's an mockable offense, ironically.


"....I smelled smoke and realized that my bullshit detector hadn’t gone off."


Jim, you're making my head hurt with that shit.

Listener Sharon

I really thought that blonde MC was Ann Coulter in the freeze frame!


Hey Sharon, that was Mick Ronson! But then he was often referred to by Bowie as "Suzy Quattro" which is a dated reference but I think you get the drift. BTW, that screen cap was hilarious! Ronson looks a bit awed, the ass in question seems like someones last known photograph, and all you can see of Bowie is the cucumber in his leather trousers. Priceless.

Much of the Bowie material from the floor show was aired at the museum of television and radio in 2002 for their retrospective. Including some utterly goofy outtakes of "Sorrow" where Bowie busts out laughing halfway through the piece. Yes, I don't think anyone was taking themselves too seriously. That's why the pieces are so charming.


Being married to a Spaniard, I am more conversant that some FMUers, at least, with flamenco. The entire family stood around the ol' monitor and stared in disbelief. We finally decided that this is what we would have gotten if Spinal Tap had been Spanish. "¡Sí, pero estes van al once!"


Now I know where the Mars Volta came from...

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