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October 17, 2007


Dale Hazelton

Whoa! Are you telling me Kenny G DIDN'T write Chocolate Rain? I am seriously confused.

Damn, that Anthony Geary looks smooth pairing a satin windbreaker with a tuxedo. And that chick with the new wave hair who joins him at the end is just wave! Just like a Duran Duran album cover.

And 10,000 Leslie Hall Fans Can't Be Wrong


So La Bionda are basically the Italian Sparks. Well, now I know what I'm doing on Soulseek tonight.

waylon solos

great set of videos. i nearly shit myself during the mandom ad! bronson just pours so much of it on. it's so absurd. thank you!

RE: la bioda. does anyone know the name of the song they're playing? and...

RE: the soft rock collection infomercial. i too love watching time/life music infomercials. what i've always wondered is why won't someone put out dvd sets of all the vintage tv clips used in these infomercials? if time/life can use all this old footage in their commercials, why can't they release it on dvd? i would probably get my wallet out for that. otherwise, regular thrift store trips will yield just about all the music on this cd set.

Resident Clinton

La Bionda's song is "Wanna Be Your Lover". And I am in 100% agreement about the video collection. Half the fun of those ads is the cheesy video clips (mostly from long gone variety shows and specials). Hopefully someone will get wise that we all love these and start putting together more DVD collections of the classics.

Becky Birmingham

Clinton -

A of all, there are no words. You is hero, end.

B of all - we've met, I'm Alex Battles' gal Becky.

C of all - if you have any country-type auditory nuggets, I think you should probably come on my radio show.

Re: Charles Bronson & Mandom - is that how you're supposed to apply cologne? And right before bedtime? It seems like a lot.

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