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November 02, 2007



Oh God this is horrible. I love it.


Born in the mid-Seventies, my first "favorite album" was a weird compilation called Spaced Out Disco Fever, which featured disco renditions of the themes to Close Encounters, Star Wars and Star Trek before bizarrely giving way to hits of the day like Randy Newman's "Short People" and Queen's "We Are The Champions."

"Close Encounters" was always my favorite song on the album, and it was credited to The Wonderball Orchestra. I've since heard a version by Meko, but this is the first time I've heard the Ronnie Aldrich one, an arrangement that is raw enough to possibly be the earliest version of this disco redux.

Anyone know who was the original auteur of this blissfully incredible disco number? What genius may I thank for crafting this indelible ditty onto my 3-year-old brain? Meko? Aldrich? Other?


great stuff mr. fab! i recently found a great album on the pickwick label called "superman and other disco hits." the doctor exx band(?) anyway, it's cheesy and really well done.

Craig S.

SCTV time! Not only is there a Count Floyd tune, but the disco theme from "I Love Lucy" was used by SCTV at the very end of their classic "Fantasy Island" sketch.


hi, this is amizng collection. i love it! and congratulations for the blog. if its bizarre its good!


Thank you for reuniting me with that Steve Dahl single. That, along with Jimmy Lalumia & The Psychotic Frogs "Death to Disco", were the anthems of my early teen years... (Now, of course, there is a warm spot in my heart for the stuff... The cheesier the better...)

"...If God had wanted disco, he would not. have. created. other. music musicmusicmusicmusi..."

Cheeky Pete

Thanks for an excellent post of simply dreadful disco tunes. As a disco DJ back then, I well remember some of these tunes, some of which would arrive in the mail amongst other, better quality record company 'mailing list' stuff. Others were given away to DJ's at the local record stores, in the vain hope that the jocks may give 'em an airing!

I distinctly remember having a 'lively discussion' with a record plugging company, when I informed them that the "Disco Lucy" record they'd sent through to me was the worst disco record ever.... and a waste of 12" vinyl! Needless to say the MD of the plugging company disagreed. Time, I think, to stand up and take the shame, eh Mr Redfearn?? The sad thing is that I can still remember the 'Lucy' tune, and am now unconsciously humming it!

I also remember the Steve Dahl event in 1979, which prompted a disco backlash here in the UK, with people ditching their white JT-style suits, Bee Gees hairy chest wigs and medallions, and the local Daily Mail leading the lemmings with their article "Dumping Disco In The Bin".

Hell, I'm getting dewy eyed and nostalgic here. Time for my daily lie down in a darkened room, methinks. Earl Grey tea anyone?


"The Ethel Merman Disco Album" is also worth a listen. It consists of her belting out showtunes with disco bass lines and drum beats. Perhaps the best track is "I Got Rhythm" - it starts out with a more or less straight rendition before becoming discofied. Somewhere in the middle, there's a spit-take-inducing banjo break (still with disco accompaniment).


I planned to include something off the Ethel Merman record, but it's in print! Yep kiddies, you can, and should, get it on CD.

Lalumia & The Psychotic Frogs "Death to Disco"? Ha, don't know that one. But I do have a rock record called "Disco's in the Garbage" but the Incinerators.


"Disco music seemed to everywhere in the late '70s, and then seemingly vanished by the '80s, all parties waking up with a hangover and acting like these records never existed."

This couldn't be further from the truth. House music is a direct modified genetic clone of Disco. More than half of all House tracks from somewhere in the 80's to present day contain samples and loops and sometimes full vocals or entire remakes from original disco tracks. I recently discovered a disco collection for sale from a disco DJ from the 70's who had passed away and going through the stacks I am finding that more often than not the house records that I thought were so original for the past 14 or so years are really just recycled disco and straight up stolen from disco records and often the original source is not cited and I doubt they paid royalties for stealing from most of these records. This whole this has been a bit disheartening but also a huge lesson in real disco for me!


Yep, good point Derek. When I first heard house in the late '80s my first thought was "This is disco!" But by the '80s disco really had dropped out of sight so far as mainstream culture was concerned: disco powerhouse Casablanca Records went out of business, groups like the BeeGees denied they were disco acts, dance clubs switched to new wave, the Village People even tried to go new wave (!) which Grace Jones actually did succeed in doing. Really, only the gay clubs of Chicago and Detroit kept that little flicker of disco alive for years, away from the mainstream.

Scott Mercer

Yeah, disco disappeared from the Top 40 completely, and people stopped making it after 1981. The House Music came a few years later, but I defy you to name me a House Music single that got into the Top 40 in the US. Are you gonna say The KLF? No, that wasn't authentic house music.

Mr. X

Disco was also very popular in Europe, but it lasted a little longer there because there was no huge backlash against it like in the USA. Some Euro-boogies to check out:

*Baccara - Yes Sir, I Can Boogie
*Patrick Hernandez - Born to Be Alive
*Space - Magic Fly
*Gibson Brothers - Que Sera Mi Vida?
*Boney M - Rivers of Babylon
*Dschinghis Khan - Moskau
*Silver Convention - Get Up And Boogie
*Ganymed - It Takes Me Higher
*Cerrone - Supernature
*Rockets - Space Rock

Rob Lett

That disco medley by the Ramapo Valley Chorus is great! Very hummable...!

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