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November 08, 2007


Dale Hazelton

"a love length of female beguilement".....I don't really know what that means, but it does sound hot. If Carmen was in the right place at the right time he could have been another David Clayton Thomas, no? Love that early Conway Twitty 'do he's sporting.


Mary June looks like Lily Savage...

bob paxon

I just picked up a 1975 45 by the The Carmen Canavo Show Band: Bella Signora b/w Love Again (Kathy's Theme). I assumed it was a local release (I'm in Buffalo NY) - often a safe assumption when you find a record under the circumstances in which I found this. I wanted to confirm its local origin which you've now done for me by posting this local LP. Oddly, have never seen the LP, though I have lots of lounge records from these area (FYI, almost all lounge records from here have mainly Ialian personnel and focus; seems it was a prerequisite). My 45 is on the Funkoola label - those with a knowledge of Italian-American kitsch will dig the pun.

Monica R

Actually glad to have come across this. Carmen and his band were a staple at the old Hawaaian Village Show lounge in the late 70's, early 80's until it closed. It was my first experience as a cocktail waitress and what a great time we all had there with this band and the clientele he drew in. He is still living in Tampa, Fl as far as I know. Hearing these songs really took me down memory lane!

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