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November 09, 2007



Who could resist a song called "You claim jumpin' bum"? and that cover...? There's no other blog i look at daily including my own, and this is why dammit!

Btw, does anyone in your yard know of/have/has uploaded somewhere the australian country tune "pub with no beer"? artist, date etc unknown...

My parents owned the 7" but it was lost along with Lipps Inc and "She Taught Me To Yodel" by Frank Ifield... a tragic multi-melt in hot french sunshine... :(

Keep up the splendidness, people!



Either Griz Green was a genius of Mel Blanc-like proportions, or there are several different voclists on this record. I swear that's the dude from The Residents on "My Dog Rover."


I knew Griz from his summer home in MA. He had a wonderful collection of hanging photos. He drove a 1957 Custom Elderado with white leather interior. He was the last of the true cowboys.


I have a 45rpm from Liberty Bell Records in Phoenix Az.
1952 Griz Green's Arizonans in perfect condition. Song's are: Be Happy &
Step Right Up And Say Howdie.
Any one interested in purchasing it?


To Geeter Tweekens. Any way to acquire a copy of Griz Green - The West of Yesteryear (mp3s)? I'm a big fan.

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