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November 11, 2007



Holy Mackerel! Just yesterday I spent almost an hour scouring the internets for exactly this ditty! All I came up with were the lyrics. Now here it is. I have a recording of this on a cassette made from the Milkman's Matinee with Bill Hickock over WNEW-AM back in 1969. So nice to see this minor piece of history restored to the world.

strictly kev

Absolutely mental - the best thing I've heard all week


long been seeking Morray Roman comedy lp or cd equivilent last possessed by me in VERY early 1970's.
If available,hey? How much? Cuanto?
steven arrowmagi at yahoo dot com.
Want to compare with now while the memories are clear from 40+ years ago which seemed one of the timliest comedies to end the era of the sixties...


"American Flag on the Moon" was the favorite song of E.R. Dick III (aka "Captain America") and has stuck in my mind for nearly 38 years. I cannot recall the flip side of this single with certainty but think it might be "Gimme Dat Ding". Does anyone out there know the flip side of the "American Flag..."?


thank you thank you thank you for this. Gotta love it...recorded it with my tape recorder with the mike held to the radio speaker.

See for the lyrics and for a great graphic for the song!

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