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November 12, 2007



... portsmith sinfonia were arrayed w/ a fairly stellar crew - among other members, roger eno (brian's bro), michael nyman, steve beresford, oh & i misremember but there's heaps more


could be wrong, but don't they play on "put a straw under baby?"

A Meat Beetle

I had that Stardust Cowboy single way back around 1969/70. A local radio station (in Statesboro, GA) was having a contest where they gave away a bunch of records, mostly stuff they weren't going to play on the air. A friend's sister won the contest one day and the Ledge single was among the "prizes". She hated it and, knowing my penchant for "out there" music, came to the conclusion that I would enjoy owning it. She was right. I played it again and again, much to the chagrin of the rest of my family.

Thanks for posting it. Sure does bring back fond memories! Like my mother demanding to know "What kind of music do you call that?!?!"

A Meat Beetle

Kip W

Hey, Meat! I worked at the campus station in Statesboro in the very early 80s, and managed to find out about The Dickies by checking the wastebasket in the station. I also had my eyes on an LP by some "Christian Punk" artist who did a cover of "Kicks," but they never let that one go.


Ack, sorry to see the Portsmouth tracks had to be yanked. Fair enough that they want to rerelease these on CD (finally), but this has seemingly been in the works for a long, long time.


yea i hoped i could sneak that portsmouth sinfonia in there {sorry otis} any way at least i showed it off!!


I've read in a few places that after getting his hands on one of the Stardust Cowboy's singles, David Bowie decided upon which surname to give to Ziggy.
Legendary Stardust Cowboy vinyl was very sought after by everyone I knew in Austin in the 80's and was a definite influence on such Cowpunk bands as the Hickoids.

mike hansen

Portsmouth Sinfonia both songs are on youtube. VERY INTERESTING!!!

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