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November 15, 2007



This place is like an electronic thrift shop; there's always more kitsch and crap to be found! Props.

Brian Kidd

We had this lp in our record collection when I was a kid. I had no idea where it was from. I guess one of my parents attended this conference. Ain't the Internet grand?

Richard Brandt

I was hoping "Gimme God Blues" would be to the tune of "Gimme Mick." And was a Bill Withers solo on "Use Me Lord!" too much to ask?


fantastic. I wrote it down on my hdd to personal use

Richard Myers

Thank you! I have been looking for this for years. It is a rediscovered treasure.

Bob Tucker

The musical was excitingly fresh in the 60s, and it still retains much of its provocative quality forty years later. It is a treasure rediscovered.

Susan Binkley

So grateful that you rescued this from obscurity. The youth group I belonged to—First Presbyterian Church of Columbus, IN—performed For Heaven's Sake in 1969 or 70. I started humming one of the tunes the other day and wondered if I could google my way back to the rest of it. I comprehend so much more than I did then, but I do remember liking how daring and slightly outrageous it was for the time, place and circumstance. A safe way for a teenager to rebel. Thanks again for an affirming trip down memory lane.

Rick Hamlett

All I can say is WOW....I have to thank you also for digging this up. In 1970, when I was still in H.S. "For Heaven's Sake" was done by a brand new local theater company and became the very first Show that I was ever in.I have done many, many since. I drive for a living and was singing some of the songs today and I also googled it to see if I could come up with anything. Never expected to find a thing, let alone the ability to hear the whole show. (except- bigger than both of us)What a trip down memory lane. Thanks for the thrilling experience.

Trace James

It's been over a year since there was a comment on this but I just found it today, so here goes.
I was preparing an entry for a friend's blog and found I wanted to quote exactly the words to Girl-in-Ice from The Death House scene. I figured it was a long shot but here it is.
Not only does the record not contain "It's Bigger Than Both of Us!" It also does not have the other non-musical numbers, "The First Third of Your Life" and "Love in Bloom."
I directed the show twice, once in Winnetka, IL, back in 1966 and again in New Hope, MN in 1973. The first time I was a junior in high school; the second, a young married man with two children! (What seven years can do to you at that age!) The first time my future wife, Karen, sang the "Girl-with-the-Knife" part. The second time, she directed the show with me. It was a great show then; so much of it remains current and completely relevant! Thanks so much for posting this!

Carol A. Lunsford

I never thought I'd find reference to this musical anywhere. This musical review was a college production my junior year in a school that no longer exists, Frederick College of Portsmouth, VA. I didn't sing, or dance. I helped create the costumes. I've been trying to find the sheet music ever since then. My favorite song of all was "Gimme God Blues".
I do not have a MP3 Player, but now that I've found this site, I'm seriously considering it.


So pleased to find this here! This morning I Tweeted a couple of lines from the title song to a sleepy friend. She'd never heard it and asked so I went looking and here it was! I performed in For Heaven's Sake as a teenager (in Westport, CT) in the 70s. Sang Gimme God Blues and was the Girl on a Hook. Remembered more lyric than I thought I had...lol!


thanx loved this for 50 yrs

Alan Eichler

The musical director and pianist was Reginald Beane, mostly noted for working with Ethel Waters. The soloist on "Gimme God Blues" and "Girl With Knife" is legendary jazz vocalist Thelma Carpenter ("Miss One" in "The Wiz").

William McDermet

How can I receive copyright for the selection "Some Career" from For Heaven's Sake! for a book? - wwmcd@frontiernet.net


I didn't really believe I'd find this! I've just scanned a copy of the script to store so I can discard my paper copy. It was a Gestetner copy from the 1960s when our church listened to a recording of the revue. The "ancient" equivalent of watching the DVD :-)

William W. McDermet III

I am in the process of writing a book with 366 daily "Reflections" One of these contain some of the words from "For Heaven's Sake." I need to locate the person or organization who can provide me with copyright permission.

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