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November 16, 2007


Chris R.

... what makes it considerably *less* moving is that most of the people involved were certainly more directly responsible for sticking Palestinians into the modern version of the Ghetto. Is it really that hard to figure out that victims of the Holocaust (most of whom, obviously, were killed) and a set of Israelis 22 years later are two different groups of people? Or that there are very few victims of the Holocaust alive in Israel today, although millions of Palestinians are still living as the abandoned refuse of the world?

Karin C.

My mother played this album when I was a child in the early '70's. I am now playing it for my children.

Israel is one of the most civilized nations in history. In order to question Israel's right to exist, or question Israel's response to terrorism or multiple attempts to annihilate it, you have to think like an accomplice, and apply standards to Israel that you would never apply to any other civilized nation.

The songs are amazing, as is the nation of Israel.

Am Yisrael Chai.

R Bishop

Dear God, Zionist hate gets everywhere. "Israel is one of the most civilized nations in history" ? Are you having a laugh ? A country that thinks nothing of sending bombs and shells indiscriminately into the crowded ghettoes of Gaza, of destroying a family picnicking on a beach, that pens a whole million-and-a-half people into the densest, most overcrowded piece of land in the world ? that operates an apartheid system of roads in the illegally-occupied West Bank - roads that only Jews may travel on ?

I could go on and on, but these are things that all right-thinking people with any knowledge of the Middle East know. I suspect even the poster above knows them, but for reasons that disturb me even to think about them, denies.

Paul Okunieff

I used to love this album as a child. I recently found the old album in my basement. The MP3s at this website are a joy. The album however is completely out of print and I have no way to transfer the album to MP3. Is there any way to download the MP3s from the website so that I can enjoy the music on my ipod?

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