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November 18, 2007


Nikkki Ramone

The funny thing about Rick Nielsen: his name spelled "Nelson" on the back of CHEAP TRICK OWN ALBUM, 1985 "Standing On The Edge" :D

Adam Gott

Do they still do stuff like this? One would think that it would be easier to make a high quality cd than it ever was to make a vinyl lp.

Mickey Mephistopheles

I vaguely recall this making its way to a David Letterman "Dave's Record Collection" segment many a moon ago, aside a record featuring singing professional bowlers. (Anyone here heard of that one besides me? I googled it already and came up empty.)

Sammy Reed

I guess you could say that "Weigh the difference" has "Ralph Harrison with soul". (ouch)


I think I'd like to make it in Rockford with the girl in the middle of the montage...


That album must have been made in the '80s because several songs mention the MetroCentre and it opened in 1981.
Thank you for sharing this. I want to know whose great idea this was and what purpose it was supposed to serve - 'cuz if I heard any of these songs, I'd make sure to settle down somewhere else...

Thaddeus (Rockford, '78)

Yes, I recall this making its way on to Late Night with David Letterman.


Does this remind anybody else of song poem records ?


I like this album. This is great stuff by Jonathan. Keep it up and thanks for the sharing. Rick nelson is a great man you was selected for the judgment.

John Hessian

I often sing "Make it in Rockford". I am not joking. It was a staple on WROK and some point in my childhood. I also know that Rockford was identified as the bad music capital of the US on Late Night with David Letterman.

James M. Tate

The David Letterman segment was classic. It was song number 10 that Dave played as part his record collection. After he played the chorus, "Make it... Make it in Rockford..." he turned to Paul, who, with a hypnotized expression and a monotone voice, said, "Make it in Rockford... Make it in Rockford." Hilarious.

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