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November 22, 2007



I was in Family Matters, not Perfect Strangers. Also, Louis Vitton handbag Cherry Bucket delivered to anywhere.


Thanks for clearing that up, Urkel. I thought i was going to have throw down. Urkel in Perfect Strangers? Don't be reediculus


Yes, Urkel, but Family Matters was a spin-off of Perfect Strangers, and that was the reference I was making.

Don't test me on crappy 80s sitcoms!


I believe this is Thomas "Moose" Smith. He released another couple of records on Christian labels in the late 70's. He also played on a nice folkrock Christian record out of North Carolina in the early 70's that I used to have. I have long forgotten the name of the group though.


I make industrial videos and often have to insert some kind of music when viewing rough cuts, prior to buying generic background music. Sometimes I put something as god-awful/wonderful as that and sometimes even play it for clients. I'm definitely using Fresh Start. It sounds even better than some of the generic music we pay craploads for.
Sometimes it backfires, when the client asks for the music I preview clips with, proving that Baby Boomers and other capitalist pigs have no sense of irony.


I believe that Moose AKA Stephen AKA Steven are all in fact pseudonyms for the big dog himself, Bill Clinton. Skeptical? Exhibit A.

Eerie, isn't it? Is there any sax playing on the 7"?

Bren C.

Your pal Tom Steve Smith's got a little ditty in this Christian songbook "Contemporary Piano" currently being sold on eBay:

Bren C.

Oh yes, and for $5 you can buy his off-off-Broadway album, "Can You Tell Me The Zip Of That Far Away Land," here:

It's located a little over halfway down the page. :)


moose smith had an LP "Call of the moose" the album cover has him laying ona piano ina full body fur suit with aq flower in his mouth, it's a classic record and he had a huge Christian radio hit with a song from it called "Rejoice, rejoice" ABOUT THE PRODIGAL SON STORY.hope this helps. ithink he's in minnesota


Thanks for all the great info, guys... I'll add it to what my research has turned up thus far.

Bren -- I've actually e-mailed that guy about the record, but it's been more than two weeks with no response.


I beleive this guy sings on TBN Tribity Broadcasting Network....He seems familiar. Its that releigious station with the Pink haired lady and Creflo Dollar...its like all mansion ish looking with the gold couches and chairs...

Scott Mercer

Love Will Find A Way is taped before a live studio audience!

Moose Smith

"Moose" Smith,,,,,,played keyboards, vocals, backup guitar, even bass on his bottom organ keys very good,,,,,,the group was "The New Directions" back in the early 1970's
a group of college Christian students out of Burlington NC. They also had a spinoff group called " Damascus Road " which played more rock type music for the contemporary concerts
of the 70's depending on the stage. I heard his testimony on the 700 club, yes, Pat Robertson out of Portsmouth Va.
The New Directions came on saturdays Tv under the 700 club side programs.
Duffy Roberts was the drummer in this group.
J.L. Williams was over the musical group called "The New Directions"
and he still resides out of Burlington NC with a Christian website.
But the 70's long gone and I heard Moose worked at Portsmouth Va 700 club
under Pat Robertson for awhile. Somewhere I read where Moose directed part
of the orchestra/music at 700 club for a while. Did he go back to Minnesota?
I remember him saying he was from up north. Somewhere on my old cassettes
I have his testimony on TV. Dang good music he played and his voice
kinda reminded me of Dr John. I'm looking for his old albums music too!

Leoanrd Chamblee

Does anyone know where I might find Moose. I'm a documentary film maker and want to explore the possibilities of doing a piece on him. Thanks. Leonard email

L. Morgan

Yeah, we would like to know what's happened to ol' Moose, also. He used to come around OKC "on tour" (solo) and sang (and fellowshipped) at the "Jesus Light Club". One time he gave our family the above mentioned album, with him on the piano, titled simply "Moose". Over the years I've often thought of words from one song, "Billy Joe and Lucy Jean", "she got down on her knees, to get out of God's way". This was Moose's version of the story of the two men praying, that is in the Gospels. (One humbly, on arrogantly).
Another great song no one mentioned off that album is "Get Out of That Crib!".
Any of you who haven't enjoyed this music, you need to find it and get started!


Moose lived down the street in Tulsa while I was growing up. After the 700 Club gig, he directed music at our church during the 80's. He moved to Nashville, and I last saw him almost 20 years ago. He was attending Scotty Smith's church, where many of the Christian musicians attend, and was teaching music in school. I haven't seen him in many years, but was searching for him on the internet and ran across this discussion.


haha he's my teacher at school... I got bored and decided to look him up. He teaches piano at a school.


He lives in Franklin Tennessee and teaches piano. I took music recording taught by him when I was in high school. He teaches at Franklin high


He also teaches history, I'm in his class

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