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November 23, 2007


Kip W

Popeye the sailor man
Stuck his head in a garbage can
Nobody else is dumber than
Popeye the sailor man!

A friend had a 45 with the audio from one of the cruddy Al Brodax TV Popeyes, and it used this theme. We laughed and laughed at the narration that, flat as it was, was more vivid than the animation it described. "Brutus climbed into the helicopter. He got there before Popeye." We found this line particularly funny, because it sounded like he was saying either "he god damn before Popeye" or "he got damned before Popeye."

angel corpus christi

i loved all my peter pan records. ZIP WENT THE ROCKET SHIP UP TO THE MOON. HANG ON TOMMY, HANG ON TIGHT. DONT WORRY MOMMY, I'LL BE ALRIGHT. this is a rockin' blog.

Corey K.

As a bonus addendum to this post, here's a Russian guy who can screw up his face like Popeye.

j. frank parnell

I had this record as a kid. I always wondered what the deal was with the version of Popeye....

Derek Welsman

I grew up with this record in my little collection. Amazing to know it's still floating around. Cheers!

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