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November 25, 2007



Are you certain that Muppet Show flexi is from '77? The show didn't debut until '78.

E Baxter

Wow! Did my brother submit these? These 2 flexi-discs and the Kiss Army Flexidisc are some of the few that I can remember from childhood. Thanks!!!


I have that Mr. Bill book somewhere. Thanks for posting these.


How come the Beware Of The Blog pages have no contact information?

Senor Fiesta

vjb2 - not sure about the date, but it is printed as 1977 on the flexi so I went with that. it's a bit hazy, but I recall getting this in 1978 or 1979.

e baxter - i'm not your brother, but i'm sure your brother and i would have been hanging out if we were in the same class in school! i'm just a guy that goes by senor fiesta. now about that kiss army... i could not join as my parents would not let me. i remember a kid, jimmy, down the street that was in the kiss army (and at age 10 it was a pretty rad thing to be in). jimmy was an ass though, he had all 4 kiss dolls and wouldn't ever share them with anyone and made fun of us for not having the toys he had. ah, childhood! :)

eh - about contacts... you can post something into the blather box (left column on every blog page) or here is the wfmu staff directory:

Sammy Reed

"The Muppet Show" began in 1976.


Tears of joy rain down my cheek like a hyper-speed, generic Native American looking over a polluted creek. I had the Mr. Bill book/flexi in my youth and have scoured the local establishments for a replacement flexi ever since my dog ate the original—clichés come to life... I've wanted to use the "Here come Mr. Bill's dog" drop on many mixes but could never get it.

Until now.


I love you WFMU! I had the Mr. Billbook and flexidisc back in the day, and still sing "Here Comes Mr. Bill's Dog". See? My yearly pledges have paid off again!!

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