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November 28, 2007


strictly kev

wow! - didn't know this one, thanks Tod - immediately ordered from GEMM :)


I have this great album, which is also a book of the same name pub. 1968 with photographs by Linda Eastman (McCartney).

The album also features Alex Bradford's gospel choir, and a great text from Woody Guthrie.

j. marks was the pen name of native author Jamake Highwater, who wrote some fabulous books on mytho-poetics.


J Marks aka Jamake Highwater was a white guy pretending to be an American Indian, who made his academic reputation ripping off other scholars' work before he was exposed. And Bob Moog said: "Rock, and Other Four-Letter Words" was a pretentious, tasteless bag of hot air. About 3,000 records of it sold." Ha! Yes, Bob, but it's quite the amusing curio now.


Shipen Lebzelter was also later involved with the phenomenal Christian psych-folk commune known as The Trees Community, whose LP "The Christ Tree" was so wonderfully reissued by Hand/Eye a few years ago in deluxe expanded form.

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