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November 29, 2007



spectacular!! i actually find it kind of relaxing.

Grandpa Scorpion

3 is a classic, like a new age Jandek or something. Great bass tone throughout. 4 is an interesting solo.

John Trembly

These sound a lot like the spoken bits on Zappa's "Lumpy Gravy"

Michael James Hawk

omg - fantastic shit!


Love it - thanks so much for this! Any more recordings by, or info about Lee would be much appreciated.


I hear some Mayo Thompson in his voice, really digging these tracks, thanks!


Interesting stuff. But when you write that you were "amazed" and "impressed" in italic type, were you being sarcastic, patronizing, or geniune? I can't tell.


I am convinced you all are tone deaf and a little f---ed in the head if you can honestly say you enjoyed listening to this noise pollution.

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