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November 26, 2007



So Goulet died while waiting for a lung transplant, yes? Was it because he was classy enough not to use his celebrity status to be bumped to the front of the que? If so, he should get a plaque or something.


carol channing, not Charo


Yeah, what's up? As horrifying as she is (or they both are), I don't want to live in a world where people no longer know the difference between Charo and Channing!

Listener Kliph

Jesus Christ, is that ever embarassing. I knew it was Carol Channing but kept writing Charo. And I just finished watching Skidoo and everything - what's wrong with me? Cripes.


Well, actually, that would explain it. Nothing like seeing Carol Channing in a see-through top to put your head in a tail spin.

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