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November 30, 2007


John Fink

Holy mackinac. I can't tell this is brilliant or completely stupid. Plus, am I the only person who is reminded of Jello Biafra in some weird way?

Station Manager Ken

As I was telling Doron, I cannot believe I missed this amazing document. It reminds me of DD Ramone's "rap" album. How sad to hear Brian used by Eugene Landy in such a way. Poor Brian. Landy should be convicted posthumously for international musical crimes for this. -Ken


"Smart Girls" was included on a very entertaining Beach Boys bootleg CD some knowledgable fan compiled a few years ago, which was titled Endless Bummer. As you can guess by the name, it was a collection of the very worst moments of the Boys on audio tape. Aside from this record, it also included the Spanish language version of "Kokomo" (which, unlike the hit version, did include Brian on a backing vocal), Mike Love's infamous 1968 rehearsal of "Heroes and Villains," Love mocking Bob Dylan, some bad radio promos (including an anti-drug PSA), and, yep, excerpts from the "Help Me Rhonda" recording session when Murray Wilson barged in.

It's very funny stuff, but as usual with the Beach Boys, there's real sadness to some of the cuts, coming from animosity between band members, self-destructive behavior, or the strained relationship with Murray.

Anyway, I bought my copy of Endless Bummer at the WFMU Record Fair a few years ago. Of course.


From Philip Lambert's excellent book, "Inside the Music of Brian Wilson":

"The track that may have doomed the record was Brian's infamous rap song, "Smart Girls," which includes multiple self-quotations and autobiographical allusions."

Dave the Spazz

I'm gonna need to hear that Spanish language version of Kokomo. My life will be in ruins until I hear that.


I thought it was brilliant. It must've taken them days to write, record, sample and piece all of it together. It's like looking at a giant puzzle, but everyone's standing much too close. Just take a few steps back and you'll gain a much better perspective. It's just another fantastic song from one of the greatest musical geniuses we've ever known. And it's sad only a handful of people will ever hear it, and even fewer will appreciate it.


Am I the only person who really likes this? This is great!!!


Just as a slight aside to Ken, the Dee Dee King rap tracks are all rehashed (and cleaned up, if you can believe it) stylistic mockups of the PJ Proby rap single:

Not the same exact track, mind you...


i used this song for a high school essay on postmodernism. i said it was a sarcastic skewering of feminism.


It manages to be better than The Beastie Boys... that is some great feat.

Steve Davies

This song is not to be taken seriously. Brian has a great sense of humour and this is a fun track! The lyrics show that he was having a laugh and it is very well put together.


There is actually a better version of this, that doesn't use direct samples. I do think it's funny when he says "Big brains are awesome, dude." Anyway, it is what is ..


It is baffling to behold, hard to listen to. His rhymes is tight, but I think the sampling of the older songs ruins it.


"Ho" about this one, new from Dr BLT?

You're Not the Kinda Ho that Santa Had in Mind


James, kudos. thanks for mentioning that Endless Bummer compilation... I must track it down!

and yes props to wfmu.


"i said it was a sarcastic skewering of feminism."

Yep, I guess that would be a high school-level reading of it.



eugene landy

lol matt DIKE


Whoa--very weird to find out that Endless Bummer came out as a bootleg CD. It was actually originally a cassette compilation that I put together in the early '90s. Whoever released the CD added a couple of things and shuffled a few tracks (mine opened with the Smile announcement), but otherwise it's the same. I just hope they didn't use a crappy-sounding fifth-generation cassette dub as their sourcer, since all of the individual tracks are pretty easily accessible in good fidelity on various BBs bootleg CDs.


EWG, You're Mean! :(

Jamie Turner

Still better than Mike Love's attempt at rap in "Summer of Love".

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