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November 30, 2007



I have no doubt about the Grady Martin story -- that it happened and that it widely influenced country music. I was a 12 year old guitar playing gear-head when "Don't Worry" came out. But I have always doubted that it happened quite the way it's reported -- that he played the solo, it was distored by a tube and they just kept it rather than re-recording it.

The solo that Grady plays doesn't sound to me like what he would have played if there were no distortion involved -- it sounds to me like maybe he heard the sound, and great musician that he was, he was fully recognized the potential and crafted a solo based on that sound.

Like all good players, he never just played a part and let the engineers diddle with it... he had a sound and "played the sound", not just the instrument. It's what I love about his playing most of all.

As a challenge -- play that same solo on an undistored Danny six and see if YOU think that's what Grady Martin would have played if there were no fuzz effect?

Listener Greg G.

TwangGuru - thanks for the comment. If I had to bet money I would say that your well-articulated theory is very likely correct.

> The solo that Grady plays doesn't sound to me like what he would have played if there were no distortion involved....


sylvia oliver

I love all of the old songs and singers.thank you


Excellent wow! Thank you! Davie Allan #1 in my book.


There is a really cool fuzz break in Webb's 1963 " If I Lost Your Love" . One of Webb's really rangey weird cuts. He hits note in it that border on spooky.

karaoke fever

thanks for this stuff. got to soothe some sadness with good old country

David Burlison

Paul Burlison's son dad first employed the fuzz tone on the trio's 1956 album...if not, why couldn't Grady create it when my dad wasn't around till 1960."Train
Kept Rollin" "Honey Hush"" Rock Therapy"..My dad on the deeper fuzz tone octaves..Grady on the treble licks..Actually,..the fuzz..the product of a faulty amp with a loose fuzz my dad ultimately pawned for groceries to feed five kids..Single track 1956..Dad and Grady..The classic trio hits...

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