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November 05, 2007



I'm not sure if it can get any better than this.


What's the one with the Pope supposed to be.

I got a laugh from the Olympic winners because I thought initially it was a reference to the guys who did the Black Power salute. It would have been a funnier choice I think.

Listener James from Westwood

How wonderfully random these are.

@ escarpment: It's a recreation of a photo of John Paul II forgiving his would-be assassin.


the olympics? pretty sure that's the screaming napalm girl. who cares about oswald, but the other two are documents of unbelievable cruelty and suffering you and i will never know. so it's hilarious to take some doddering senior citizens, when you aren't making them sing sonic youth so you can enjoy their kitch value (maybe you missed that, go look it up, you'll like it) and give them a day's entertainment so you can snigger with your hipster friends about how delicious it all is. whatever.

Paulo Martins

This is soooooooo good
Thanks Brian


Wait, where's the Buddhist monk burning himself to death?


You're right Andy, old folks have no damn place in art!


I'd like to see a sequel with the Abu Ghraib butt pyramid and the Paris Hilton sex tape.


Before I read the headline, I thought that top photo was just a bunch of geezers reenacting a publicity still of the Fall circa "This Nation's Saving Grace," which is a really sad comment on me, more than anything else.

Ed Dunkle

I'm a Glasgow senior, so I'm getting a real kick out of these replies, etc, etc.

Seriously, these are in remarkably poor taste. Perfect for WFMU!


Today's "poor taste" is tomorrow's hilarity.

forked tongue

I believe that one with the Pope is based on a photo of him meeting in jail with the guy who tried to assassinate him. Meanwhile, andy was in such a rush to funsuck and buzzstomp that he didn't realize that the Olympics photo in question was to be found at the link, not on this site. As for the Olympics pic, that is the Black Power salute moment, isn't it? If not, what is it?


I did realize it later but didn't think that changed my point, exactly, so didn't bother to add a correction; maybe I should have. I also found a link where seniors act out the entirety of a 45 minute video of potty training for retarded children. It's great art and it would make your heads explode, but I seem to have mislaid the link...sorry!

Stronger Than Dirt Pete Moss

The Olympics photo represents Jesse Owens receiving a gold medal at the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games.

Dale Hazelton

Surprised they didn't ask the lady depicting the little Vietnamese girl to strip naked. I have to agree with the "Nays" on these. Are there some delightful vignettes of the Holocaust, or black people hanging from trees as well?


TOMMY: Doesn't it make you proud to be Scottish?
RENTON: I hate being Scottish. We're the lowest of the fucking low, the scum of the earth, the most wretched, servile, miserable, pathetic trash that was ever shat into civilization. Some people hate the English, but I don't. They're just wankers. We, on the other hand, are colonized by wankers. We can't even pick a decent culture to be colonized by. We are ruled by effete arseholes. It's a shite state of affairs and all the fresh air in the world will not make any fucking difference.


The first photo is the napalm girl. I think everyone's seen the second photo. The third photo has nothing to do with the Pope; it's Jack Ruby killing Lee Harvey Oswald. Do I win something?



I had eye surgery and in the post-op pack was MAXIDEX(dexamethasone) drops by Alcon Labs.
Two days later I was BLIND



getting done for a penknife is small potatoes compared to this

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