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November 28, 2007


paul simpson

altho i have to say, the Olekranon cdrs are pretty neat too... especially cause the last 2 they sent me mention my own radio show in the liner notes (?!?!)



Hell's Donut House

You should have had "Jerzy Kosinski" write the liner notes:


I seem to recall unknowingly calling Brian out on this in the comments when Liz dropped Anna Elektronische the first time.


Thanks for defacing my cd cover! Pretty funny idea, happy to contribute.

Rebecca Lewis

That is really funny! And the cuts really aren't horrible.
The track on Michael Goodstein's show found at called "what" can be found the time 2:46:50 if anyone is curious. (It's the only one of the four that doesn't have timestamps.)

jimmy murphy

im just curious ,,,is there any chance that this blog is connected to the one you are speaking about ?? im really hoping not ,,
thanks for your time

jimmy murphy

hi ,,just wondering ,,is this the forbidden blog you are talking about im hoping it isnt !!!

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